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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. - General

Anyone wishing to buy in ZONARENTAL.COM may do so provided you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Carefully read the terms and conditions before making any purchase.

ZONARENTAL.COM could update the provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions at any time to improve and establish a better service between ZONARENTAL.COM and their customers, just as ZONARENTAL.COM inform its customers with enough time for the changes set and you will have the option to remain a registered client or otherwise ZONARENTAL.COM may cancel your registration at the desired time freely through the erase ZONARENTAL.COM in profile near the shopping cart.

The images of the products published in ZONARENTAL.COM has every precaution to keep the colors closer to reality, however, variations in product characteristics such as color, are observed on your monitor, with respect to the receiving, not the responsibility of ZONARENTAL.COM


2. - User Registration

Registration as a user of ZONARENTAL.COM be free. Also enjoy the benefits of being a registered customer of ZONARENTAL.COM as receive discount coupons, gift certificates, promotions and news of our product line.

ZONARENTAL.COM requires that each client is recorded in our database, so placing your personal data accurate registration of these data will allow us to offer a personalized and carry out a transaction completely safe for you and for us.

Each user undertakes to update your personal information at the time that there is any change. ZONARENTAL.COM not responsible for the accuracy of the personal data provided by users. Users are guarantee and respond directly to the authenticity of the data.

Once the user has registered will have a User Name and User Key to be entered each time you want to buy a product in ZONARENTAL.COM. Your Login Name is personal, confidential and you must ensure the safety of the same.

Each user can recover your data if you ever lost them through the Recover option in the Authentication box.

Each user is responsible for all transactions you make on your own, because the access will ZONARENTAL.COM through its user key which is unique knowledge.

Each user may register only once, your User Name and Password are personal and not transferable. In case ZONARENTAL.COM detect multiple accounts that contain data, matching or related, then the user may be suspended or joining ZONARENTAL.COM may be disabled.

Users who do not act in good faith or which attempt to hamper the proper functioning of ZONARENTAL.COM, cyber fraud, identity theft or other criminal irregularities in the use of ZONARENTAL.COM, they were refused access and pre-registration is canceled accepted, without generating any right to compensation or redress. The user who commits this type of activity could be subjected to an investigation as appropriate.


3. - Prices and Terms of Payment

Each charge that do to your card when you purchase a product in ZONARENTAL.COM, it will be reflected in your statement under Computer Technology Tech, Corp.

The payment method offered ZONARENTAL.COM, are:

1) Credit Card Payment. (PayPal - This payment is made in U.S. dollars and if you need to use multiple cards to complete your purchase limit for reasons you must contact us and we will process the payment. All cards must be residenciadas and under the user name registered in ZONARENTAL.COM

Once approved the credit card payment, verified the funds available in the account of ZONARENTAL.COM, email receive final approval of your purchase will be sent to your destination.

ZONARENTAL.COM not responsible for purchases made on behalf of others or for the misuse of credit cards that are stolen or illegally obtained numbers, because you as a user, login with a confidential password that only you know and why you should care and be responsible.

2) Direct cash payment in our business.

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